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Hello everybody!

Welcome to the page of articles, poems and stories of our Lyceum students! We are happy to present you our project Read#Ehglish . We invite everyone to write poetry and prose in English, French, German and other languages. They will be published here. Our editors are students of grade 7 b-Markelova M., grade 7 I-  Petrova A., grade 8Ya-  Saraev R., Nekrut P.,  grade 7 L — Dubovtseva V.  lead by our English teachers Rogozhnikova V.A., Martynova E.V., Morosova J.N.  We are looking forward to your articles!

Kossolapova A., 7 I Z Zodiac

Petrova A., 7 I X X-ray or X-radiation

Markelova Maria, 7 b W What is your favourite season?

Markelova Maria, 7 b W We will rock you…

Petrova Alice, 7 I U Unlucky door

Bagdushina Polina, 7 I U Unhappy Bottle – Unlucky Boys

Yurieva  Ilona, 8 B T Tuna fish

Saraev Roman, 8 Ya S Snowball war

Okoneshnikova Elena, 8 b R Rescued people

Garina Alina 11 ES Q Why is Q considered as one of the most mysterious letters?

Vasukhno Elisaveta, 8 Ya Q Queen Elizabeth ll

Nekrut Polina, 8 Ja P Parodie

Markelova Maria, 7 B O Obsolete words in the English language — historicism-obsolete words

Kirpikova Taissiya, 7 b N Netiquette

Nekrut Polina, 8 Ya class N Nationalité

Maliavko Daria, 10 C М Music from A to Z: S is for “song” and not only

Kirpikova Taissiya, 7 b M Masterpieces of Joanne K. Rowling

Kirpikova Taissiya, 7 b L Local Russian food

Kirpikova Taissiya, 7 b K Knitting

Dubovtseva Veronika, 7 L J Joy of the New Year

Kirpikova Taissiya, 7 B I Items Of Christmas

Petrova Alice 7 I G Green

Kirpikova Taissiya, 7 B E Equations

Petrova Alice 7 I F Foreign languages

Markelova Maria 7 b H Handsome famous actors

Kirpikova Taissiya 7 b D Distance learning

Kirpikova Taissiya 7 b C Cats

Kirpikova Taissiya 7 b B Break time

Markelova Maria 7 b A Agatha Christie

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